“Big family” social special offer

Big family

Big family = ample opportunities

Multiple children family, children with special needs, under-privileged, orphans, in-migrant children have an opportunity once every month (at weekday) to entertain in the park on absolutely free of charge basis!



Family with a number of children 3-5 has an opportunity to acquire time cards for 2 hours of playtime (all amusement rides, videogames, + souvenir as a keepsake) at special prices:

At weekdays is UAH 75/per person

At days off and public holidays is UAH 85/per person

Social groups of children entertain in the park 2 hours on free of charge basis once every month (all amusement rides, videogames, + souvenir as a keepsake).



Conditions and restrictions:

  1. Multiple children family, family based care homes, charity organizations participate in the special offer.
  2. One of the parents (accompanying person) shall obligatorily provide certificate to the pay-office of the park which confirm the status of the family or the children, number and age of the children.
  3. The children are accompanied in the park in accordance with age restrictions in rules.
  4. Number of time cards within the special offer is unlimited. For example, if multiple children family attends the park in short composition.
  5. In accordance with Law of Ukraine in force, a child from multiple children family may use privileges up to turning 23 years old in case of obtaining full-time education and upon terms and conditions of providing supporting documents (valid student ID card, certificate etc.).