A series of master classes in January
A series of master classes in January

 January 2 - Begin the New Year with loved master class "Colored sand." There will be a variety of images of heroes favorite winter theme.

January 3 - Winter ceramic coloring. However, learning to successfully choose a color for the figures.

January 7 - Christmas open a new technique of creating an interesting cards. Angels painted beads.

January 8 - Continue our Christmas theme master to create incredibly realistic polymer.

January 9 - soap - almost magical science, but when she teaches real fairy - around creates a really charming atmosphere.

January 10 - Sweet workshop from real caramel masters. The number of participants is limited!

January 16 - The original winter card with fun snowman will perfectly complement any gift!

January 17 - At the magazine "Poznayka" Day children's inventions try to manually create a universal device for inflating a huge number of bubbles at a time.

January 23 - Another workshop on "Poznayka". Create a bright prints using logs.

January 24 - By Day cream "Eskimo" our favorite restaurant chef «Ikrinka» real winter recipe prepared delicacies on sticks. Cooking with goodies!

January 30 - A very interesting Slavic holiday - Day of Father Frost and Snow Maiden. Join us in Ocean Park to create fabulous suspensions.

January 31 - New technology volumetric coloring. Painted wood products.

An obligatory condition for participation in the workshops is the presence of the card game park with a positive balance (50 UAH)