Birthday is the happiest and the most anticipating day for each child. Fascinators of Happylon country will make every effort that fantasies and pipe dreams of birthday person come true on this day of all others. Surely Happylon has all recipes and components of the most fascinating holiday:

  • Packaged proposals which are basis for organization of party “on a turnkey basis”;
  • Over 30 ready scenarios andsubjectmattersforchildren’s party;
  • Development of individual parties. Particular approach to each child;
  • Enchantingpersonages (welcoming, careful and joyful);
  • Fabulousentertainmentprogram, funnyshowandquests, informativemasterclasses;
  • Originalinvitations, topic-basedtablelayoutandhall decoration;
  • DeliciousandunforgettableChef’smenu;
  • Lot of smile, jokes and festivity!
Organisation of celebrations and feasts (050) 463 58 60 .