Scripts programs
Shaun robber and his friends (3-5 years old)

Shaun Lamb is always happy to meet new friends! He waits just for you in order to gather together the freshest harvest for his new friend Happic and to prepare incredibly delicious salad for him. One will have plenty of excitement with Shaun! Come on to friendly trip.

Peppa Pig (3-5 years old)

I am Peppa pig and this is my younger brother George. Today, little friends, together we are going to find the favorite toy of George Mr Dinosaur! Come on with us to the most interesting celebration of the best Birthday!

Smesharyky (3-5 years old)

Congratulations to all the little adventurers! Today only you, along with the fun characters of Smeshariki countries, can help monkey portrait Fisi find her beloved grandmother. Our heroes in the land of happy childhood waiting for help.

Circus ruffle (3-5 years old)

Imagine a circus without smile and laugh! Here funny-men became sad. Disappearance of every joy and happy thing started from the lost of “the circus smile”. Hurry up to return to the circus fun and laugh and along with it real miracle!

Snow White and Dwarfs (3-5 years old)

Fierce stepmother keeps again on the alert the Snow White. Somewhat like already happy girl with her lovely prince, so no! However, faithful dwarfs won’t leave our heroine in the lurch.

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