Social Initiatives

Knowledge ocean

One of the areas of the park activity within social policy is active support and inspiration of the cognitive activity level f the children of all age groups. Happylon educational programmes take into account all motivation aspects: competition elements, cognitive learning games, encouragement. Due to this a child receives incentives for better study, gets rid of the fear to show initiative and to express new ideas, develops his creative skills and most importantly sees the result which gives him confidence in his own efforts and the desire to move forward.

Ocean of tenderness

HAPPYLON is a park unexceptionally open for all children. Due to charity campaigns and ongoing initiative for all large and needy families, as well as for children with special needs, underwater diving depth may research everyone. For the families with 3-4 children special prices for all amusement rides is effective and the families with 5 and more children as well as needy families, orphaned children and children with special needs on free of charge basis receive each month time card for 2 hours of playtime and special souvenir from Happic dragon.

Furthermore, starting from November 2013 on weekly basis HAPPYLON park opens its doors for the children from orphanages and small family home. Our park cooperates with numerous children’s charity organizations, carries out a lot of campaigns and free of charge visits.

Granting happiness and hearing children’s laugh is our greatest achievement.
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