When I grow up I will be...reporter
When I grow up I will be...reporter

Dear friends! We present you a new entertaining and informative program!

Welcome to «Happylon TV». Today, guests can learn the skills of TV presenter! To begin with we'll check on the diction and the ability to work in extreme conditions. Everyone who is willing to try, waiting at 17:30 at the entrance of the park group.


17:30-17:50 Game-meeting of participants at the entrance to the park;

18:00-18:30 Traveling with the characters in the park with riding the rides and playing the apparatus;

18:30-19:10 Master class with "Happylon TV

19:10-19:30 Disco with dance competitions.

Age of participants from 5 years

Ticket price - 50 UAH + souvenir

Limited number of participants - 30 children Book tickets online